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King Shura

Cho Ryu Hyang was good at math from a young age. When he enrolled into the The Theoretical Maths and

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

She’s somehow ended up transmigrating into the book as the supporting female lead, who was beaten to death! Deeply in

Demon Wang is Golden Favorite Fei

“Miss, since you came back, every three days, there will be someone who start a rumor to slander you……” “Some say

Assassin is Chronicle

A skilled but unfortunate modern-day assassin was killed in a freak accident. However, he soon found himself summoned to another

Poisoning the World  The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife

She is the secret service’s trump card, a poison specialist, but also a young and cute girl with a sinister

Chu Wang Fei

She, the prime minister’s daughter, was timid and cowardly. Because her engagement fell through, and her reputation was ruined, she

World of Immortals

The World of Immortals, it is the world every mortals long for. For many, it is an eternal glory to

Vengeance,  War and Honor

In a world where there is no right or wrong, justice and injustice, good or evil, it is the world

A Strategists Rebirth

The last image Qing Yuan saw on his last breath was a bloody battlefield filled with the dead bodies of

Little Miss Trouble: The Emperors Rebellious Consort

When the Northern Lands was invaded by the Scarlet Dragon Empire, a war was ensured. As the Northern Lands fell

Taste of Love

''Why does my heart beat when I'm with you? How come my heart feels pain when your with someone? What

The Demon King

What would happen if all of the bad people in history be them thieves, rapers, killers, madmen, Psycho-shitty people, jerks,


Writing Prompt #1: Reincarnation Cain a hopeless youth experiences the pressure and standards by society. Faced with the despair of

I Reincarnated to be a part of History!

I died being someone who didn't care about the future and loath to be part of something big. I loathed

Shade World


Monty Python and the Holy Grail Ending - Rewritten

The ending to the classic movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail rewritten by a dude with no social life

Vengeance,  Honor and War

In a world where there is no right or wrong, justice and injustice, good or evil, it is the world